Welcome to the Romanum, a universe for the Romanum Series, an alternate history, and then a space opera. The beginning of the series initiates circa five thousand years ago with the start of recorded, recoverable history in the galaxy. Spanning tales of how the Murder's home world was destroyed and how they managed to escape their home system, to the story of Humanity's extremely rapid rise to power on an interstellar scale, and how many other races managed to survive the horrors and trivialities of primitive society and how they got to the space age.

Now, join us, throughout many adventures. As we explore since the beginning of recorded history, an alternate timeline in which the Romans and other nations survived, united as Earth, as they deal with the trivialities of the interstellar community. Now head out into the void and seek out your future in this alternate history of mankind, and the story of the Universe.

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The Tale of Civilization

The tale of human civilization begins with the rise of true civilization on Earth beginning with the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, the Indus River and the Chinese. Only three of four first civilizations actually survived to the human first contact, with the Indus River Civilization falling into obscurity and oblivion as the passage of time withered their civilization away. Eventually, several nations showed their prominence as powers on a global scale. The Romans, who single handedly prevented invasions of their nation, indirectly united Earth, and colonized a fifth of the world without killing off the native population, like every other nation in Europe did. The Chinese, who were legendary cartographers, mapping everything from Japan to Roman Hispania before 1400. Among this, the Conglomerate united and centralized the world at the turn of the twentieth century. Leading humanity off Earth and into the stars.

Romanum Moon Rising

Humanity was not nearly prepared for the First Contact following the construction of the first wormhole in the Sol System and the discovery of the interplanetary hyperdrive. The same could be said for the interstellar community. Previously thought to be a barren, low star-density part of the Milky Way, the interstellar neighborhood was suprised as humanity entered the space age. As humanity came into contact with the interstellar community, Literal zettabytes were transferred over to humanity, in exchange for Humanity joining the Local Alliance. This made genetic manipulation, the construction of interplanetary hyperdrives, and the construction of interstellar wormholes possible. 

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